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Technology can help and helped a lot: I think technology fought back very strongly enabling us to better adapt and we are leveraging what we have developed to support ourselves in this time of crisis”. 

This is how, Cristian Critelli, Azure Cloud Technical Advisor at Microsoft, introduced himself.

His passion for IT and tech in general drove him to study and predict the direction the world would take. Today he tells us about his training and professional experience, something of his work that unites him with the work of BV TECH professionals. He has shared his thoughts on the future of privacy, data security and technology in general. And what the next types of innovations that can change the technology market will be.

Good evening Cristian, for years you have been working in the IT sector, qualifying yourself as a professional, specialized in network infrastructures and cloud architectures. A curriculum as broad as it is full of interesting experiences… Would you like to tell us something about your training course? How did you come to take this path? How did you understand which was the most appropriate ICT area that best suited your characteristics?

I am passionate about IT and tech in general, I always have been, but networking was one of the areas of expertise that interested me the most, the network, the ability of transporting/exchanging data on a physical layer and manipulate the direction of the data, always fascinated me. Additionally,  everything is connected by networking in this day and age, networking is everywhere and this is exactly what I was thinking years ago when I started, in some way I knew this was the direction the world would have taken and someday this was going to be the foundation of our society.

For this reason I started studying on my own, I signed up to the CISCO Academy which is the most advanced type of certification a network engineer can achieve and started my way from there.

Throughout the years “something else was coming out”… people started thinking about the “cloud” this “imaginary place” where we can leverage “somebody else’s hardware” instead of using our own, yes that’s what cloud is, basically using somebody else’s hardware, this of course is a funny way to look at it but in the end, it is true.

Companies are moving their hardware, DC (data centers) from their physical location to the cloud, renting big company’s hardware.  This has a lot of benefits of course.

With the Cloud Computing blooming like a flower in the spring, I started studying Networking in the Cloud which is different as we have multiple layers of software defined network with its own rules. In 2016, I had the opportunity to join Microsoft and this helped me grow my knowledge in Cloud Architectures.

Cristian and Microsoft

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You currently hold the role of Technical Advisor at Microsoft in the Azure Networking Team. What are your goals along with the team’s main goals? Which are the most challenging tasks?

As Technical Advisor I am one of the Technical Leads in the EMEA Azure Networking Team, my role is to empower and enable the engineers to provide and deliver technical excellence to our worldwide customers. On top of that, I collaborate with the Readiness Team to create and deliver training material to the Engineers part of the Global Networking Team. I also react to critical escalations, help and advise stakeholders on how to quickly solve and fix service disruptions.

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