TBridge research on the Rumobil European project was presented at the 7th Transport Research Arena TRA ’18 in Vienna (https://www.traconference.eu/). The participation of TBridge experts at the Vienna TRA is very significant; given it is one of the most important European events in the field of transport. After the Budapest Conference, the BV TECH Group company was also one of the protagonists in Vienna, once again with its Rumobil project, alongside other European partners. Such an important contribution and presence, confirming the role of TBridge on the international scene as a reference point able to facilitate the technological challenge of smart mobility and to propose innovative approaches for public transport. The conference theme was: “A digital age for transport – solutions for society, economy, environment”. For four days, from April 16th to 19th, Vienna was the capital of European transport research: TBridge was asked to bring its own contribution of ideas, skills and know-how. ¬†With its quality contribution, the Italian company asserted itself among the major European actors in the transport innovation of the future.