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T Bridge

A company that makes of innovation, experience and implementation its lasting value.

T Bridge S.p.A. is a management consulting company and ICT, with headquarter in Genova and operating locations in Milano, Roma, Cagliari and Lamezia Terme.

After collecting the experience of METIS, one of the first Italian management consulting company, T Bridge has grown over the years – expanding and diversifying its activities – and it is able now to provide technical and methodological support for enterprises and government agencies, providing consulting services for process analysis, functional design, architectural design and integrated solutions implementation.

T Bridge operates with a certificated quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 (it was one of the first certified consulting companies in Italy). T Bridge is part of  Confindustria Genova and of the Distretto Tecnologico Ligure sui Sistemi Intelligenti Integrati e le Tecnologie (SiiT).

It is also a partner of Vmware Entrerprise, Microsoft Gold, IBM, Check Point and ISS WatchGuard.

T Bridge supports its Customers in development strategies, innovation processes and corporate culture to generate growth and lasting value. To achieve this mission, T Bridge designs and implements cutting-edge interventions by integrating management consulting, ICT skills and experience; T Bridge invests in methodologies and knowledge, as well as in resources growth, which are the success key-factors for the Customers.

Web site: T Bridge S.p.A.