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The area of Security has now completed its “maturation cycle” from emerging area to area of fundamental interest for Companies and Public Administration.

Data security, Identities security, applications and infrastructure security are essential to the growth and success of an organization.

The growing aggression of security threats are forcing companies to organize themselves to mitigate risks, while maintaining the necessary flexibility and agility to compete in the global market.

BV TECH professionals in the Security competence area have a deep understanding of the industry and have the needed skills to provide support to its Customers to protect themselves against threats, minimize risks and adopt new technologies necessary to grow. The process definition and the identification of the most suitable tools to allow the Customer to build tailored solution, reducing risks, costs, complexity, achieve compliance objectives, improve productivity.

Security services portfolio includes:

  • Information Security Management (ISO27001:2013);
  • Security Compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS);
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management;
  • Corporate security plans implementation;
  • Security Audit;
  • Security Best Practices;
  • Requirement definition, design and implementation of security architectures;
  • New technology scouting;
  • Site & System Hardening;
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Tests;
  • Training;
  • Product specialists.