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Secure Network

Cyber Security is an essential necessity in a totally connected world. Secure Network performs offensive security assessments to verify the security of applications, infrastructures, IoT Devices.
The Team simulates the cyber attack of the most determined attackers,: realizes realistic attacks and analyzes , in detail, the customer’s informative ecosystem to reducing the risk of interruption of production lines, services, data leakage and financial damage resulting from scams and fraud.The Company manages assets and critical information, guides developers in the resolution process and in maintaining the level of security achieved, identifies the present vulnerabilities, correcting them before they are exploited by any attackers.
Secure Network offers a highly specialized team capable of operating in all areas of IT security, guaranteeing the expertise necessary for the protection of the most critical systems.

Secure Network offers a complete range of services for every need, from single application to complex systems:

  • Application Security: Web Application & Web Services, Mobile Application, Thin/Fat Client, Software Licencing & Code Protection;
  • Industry 4.0 Security: IoT Security Assessment, SCADA/ICS Security Assessment, Security by Design project;
  • Network & Infrastructure Security;
  • Code Review;
  • Digital Forensics & Investigation;
  • Information Security Management;
  • Embedded & Automotive Security.
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