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Risk Analysis

Risk Management solutions are offered by M&P Risk Agency, an international Company of the BV TECH group, able to provide to Customers consultancy and services on “key asset” risks. Since 1971 M&P Risk Agency supports its Clients in the protection of persons, information and infrastructures, facing with consolidated competences and with an innovative and multi-disciplinarian approach, each aspect connected to: Risk Analysis and Risk Management, Consultancy, Intelligence, Avanced Security Technologies, Geopolitics.
M&P Risk Agency performs the evaluation of the specific risks and its measurability over time, examining business vulnerabilities and protective measures with respect to the actual threats, in various areas: physical security, information security, knowledge retention, reputational and intangibles assets, clinical risks.

M&P Risk Agency provides the following products:

  • RiskSurface: RiskSurface is a tool developed to support the Security Managers and Risk Managers in the mapping of the operational risks that impact on the company’s critical processes and their resources. The software allows giving a precise Governance structure, effective and measurable to the management of the company’s operational risks, including also the Compliance checks in respect of the current normative, certifications, international standards and internal regulations;
  • Websan: WebSan is the first software platform dedicated entirely to the medical and healthcare sector, with the objective of simplifying the privacy management processes. Designed to be adopted both by small doctors’ offices and more articulated larger structures, it has a simple and intuitive interface that guides the user towards the passages and the fulfillment required by the current normative;
  • UrbanFocus: UrbanFocus answers the need of the public administrations of municipalities, provinces and regions, interested in mapping on a geo-referenced map criminal and urban degradation phenomena. It has multiple uses, such as:
    • Monitoring of the territory and of the areas at risk;
    • Optimization of the resources and protective measures towards the real priorities;
    • Identification of criminal variables and representation of risk forecasts, considering the changing conditions;
    • Collection of weak signals and sending of early warning signals within possible risk situations;
    • Measurement of risk mitigation versus the adopted activities (ex: more police forces, more illumination, traffic closure, new licenses for public places, changing in the road traffic flows, etc.).

M&P Risk Agency is also capable to offer:

  • Incident Handling, Crises Management, Business Continuity
  • Enterprise Security Architecture & Co-sourcing
  • Information Risk Management
  • Training courses
  • Audit services
  • Innovative products for ICT security technologies
  • Private Intelligence services.