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Phone Security: solutions and services

Security phone solutions are offered by PrivateWave Italia S.p.A., a BV TECH group Company, founded as a technology startup in 2005 through a collaboration with the Politecnico of Milano and the University of Italian Switzerland.

PrivateWave implements and sells mobile-and-fixed phone security technology solutions, for high competitiveness environments.

Main phone security solutions are:

  • PrivateWave Enterprise
  • PrivateWave Professional
  • Personalized products

PrivateWave Enterprise

Client/server software solution to implement secure communication over mobile and fixed phones, with the capability to be integrated with Cisco Call Manager, Avaya Aura Communication Manager and other different PBXs to extend every corporate communication network.

PrivateWave Professional

For customers who do not wish to have their own ICT infrastructure, PrivateWave Professional is offered as Software As a Service, making easy the product adoption for small-sized closed groups of users.

Personalized products

PrivateWave offers its products and technologies always taking into account the Partners and major Customer special needs.

In particular, PrivateWave provides:

  • Product rebranding with Customer’s logo and graphics
  • Products functional implementation, Products security implementation or new features introduction
  • Adaptations of cryptographic algorithms as required

For institutional realities PrivateWave offers dedicated programs for Technology and Knowledge transfer, inclusive of OEM license agreements, with the aim to make the partner independent with the procurement cycle of technology and knowledge in the field of secure communications.