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BV TECH partner of Cyber ​​4.0 Competence Center

BV TECH is partner of Cyber ​​4.0 Competence Center (CC) in Rome, one of eight national highly specialized Centers of Expertise set up under the National Industry 4.0 Plan following a Public-Private Partnership model.

An orientation and training Center for the implementation of new processes, products and services (or their improvement) adopting cybersecurity advanced technologies of Industry 4.0 national Plan.

The CC has two levels: a central Cyber ​​Security Core area (coordinated by Sapienza-Luiss) and three vertical pillars on specific strategic cybersecurity market domains: Space (coordinated by La Sapienza University), eHealth (coordinated by Tor Vergata University), and Automotive (coordinated by Roma Tre University).

Each of these domains will provide services for business, training, technological innovation and research projects within the Industry 4.0 Plan in the field of cybersecurity.

The Cyber 4.0 CC includes 10 organizations from the public sector and 37 private corporations and institutions, including big tech companies, SMEs and Foundations, so to guarantee all required skills for activity planning, training, innovation and research.

The project is led by La Sapienza University, with the support of Tor Vergata University, Rome 3 University, LUISS, University of Tuscia, University of Cassino, University of L’Aquila, CNR, INAIL, ISS, and 37 partner companies, including BV TECH, Leonardo, Poste Italiane, Sogei, Thales, Telespazio, Selta and Cy4gate

Raffaele Boccardo is a member of the Management Council of the Cyber ​​4.0 Association. The Council is responsible for managing the 4.0 Cyber CC being directly in charge of the following major activities:

  1. a) promoting, presenting and carry out research projects;
  2. b) carry out and support training, orientation, information, analysis and research activities;
  3. c) fund-raising activities;
  4. d) providing new collaborations and agreements;
  5. e) establishing agreements with the European Community and other international bodies, departments, organizations and private companies;
  6. f) directly or indirectly supporting design, implementation and development of projects and initiatives of general interest;
  7. g) collecting and sharing information and technical proposals for the potential users;
  8. h) training users, also through the design and implementation of products, services and higher training programs;
  9. i) promoting and improving, nationally and internationally, the image of the members;
  10. j) establishing actions for creating new material capabilities, for the acquisition/rent of movable and immovable property, equipment and materials;
  11. k) being the owner and/or licensee of trademarks, certifications and industrial property rights;
  12. l) carrying out any other instrumental activity, accessory or connected with the purposes of the whole initiative;
  13. m) supporting policymaking activities at national level and collaborating with the national authorities in the Cybersecurity sector.

The total cost for the creation and management of the CC, which has a duration of 36 months, is 15 million EUR: 9 ml EUR for the operational activities, dissemination, management and training activities in the framework of the CC and 6 ml EUR for the implementation of 15 R&D projects. Additional funds and provisions come from Cyber 4.0 CC Partners so to ensure a quick start up of CC.

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Cybersecurity, mHACKeroni placed fifth in the world during Def Con CTF

The Italian national team of ethical hackers, “mHACKeroni”, placed fifth in the world (and first among the European teams) during the cyber defense competition (Def Con CTF). For the seventh consecutive year, the team from University of Pittsburgh has won the challenge. Second place went to Taiwan National Team, third to China and fourth to South Korea.

After three days of cyber challenge played by sixteen qualified groups among the most talented “hackers” of each continent, the 27th edition of Def Con ended on 11 August in Las Vegas.

Def Con CTF is the world’s most prestigious and famous hacking competition, and it has been mentioned in movies and TV series like X-Files, The Signal and Mr. Robot.

The Italian national team of ethical hackers confirmed its international excellence, gaining two positions compared to last year’s world ranking. mHACKeroni is the result of 5 CTF Italian teams and is composed of 40 members, who are among the best students and researchers in the field of cybersecurity from the main Italian universities (especially from La SapienzaPolytechnic University of Milan, and Ca’ Foscari of Venice); also “hackers” from Cyberdefender, the team created by the National Cybersecurity Lab of CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics), are part of this “mega-team”.

It is a source of pride and honour for BV Tech to be sponsor and partner of mHACKeroni. We are also very happy for the contribution to the training of young cyber-specialists in PoliMI by Prof. Zanero, founder of Secure Network.

(Photo source: Facebook)

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TBridge at the TRA ’18 in Vienna

TBridge research on the Rumobil European project was presented at the 7th Transport Research Arena TRA ’18 in Vienna (https://www.traconference.eu/). The participation of TBridge experts at the Vienna TRA is very significant; given it is one of the most important European events in the field of transport. After the Budapest Conference, the BV TECH Group company was also one of the protagonists in Vienna, once again with its Rumobil project, alongside other European partners. Such an important contribution and presence, confirming the role of TBridge on the international scene as a reference point able to facilitate the technological challenge of smart mobility and to propose innovative approaches for public transport. The conference theme was: “A digital age for transport – solutions for society, economy, environment”. For four days, from April 16th to 19th, Vienna was the capital of European transport research: TBridge was asked to bring its own contribution of ideas, skills and know-how.  With its quality contribution, the Italian company asserted itself among the major European actors in the transport innovation of the future.

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RUMOBIL project for smart mobility: TBRIDGE’s contribution to the CSEE’18 in Budapest

From smart city to smart land: new technologies cross urban boundaries to involve neighboring areas. The RUMOBIL project, based on transnational cooperation between institutions and public transport authorities, is funded by the European Union, and caters to the challenge of smart mobility also in peripheral areas. The project suggests innovative approaches for public transport to Central European Regions: strategies based on the jointly-analysed best practices, on the knowledge and ideas of both the project partners and the stakeholders involved, and on user experience. Work papers on the different aspects of public transport policies were developed, capable to predict how  the future demand for public transport will evolve in the coming years. TBridge, a BV TECH Group company and project partner, produced a report on IoT applications in the field of smart mobility, which is an important point of reference: the document offers a general overview of the state of the art, focusing on the different areas of the smart city and smart land. The paper was accepted for publication in the proceedings of the “3rd World Congress on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering (CSEE’18)” and will be presented on April 10 by the experts of TBridge during the “3rd International Conference on Traffic Engineering (ICTE’18)” which will take place in Budapest (https://teconference.com/).

The main steps of the project are the pilot actions, the elaboration of a RUMOBIL strategy, and the political decisions which will permit to implement it in the eight partner Regions, through an improvement of their transport plans. The pilot actions will allow the testing of a number of innovative applications during a period of 12-18 months, thanks to which sparsely populated peripheral areas, generally penalized by a limited service offer, will be better linked to the main transport connections.


  • Rural mobility in European regions affected by demographic changes
  • Program: Interreg Central Europe
  • Project Site: http://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/rumobil.html
  • Coordinator Partner: Ministry for Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt
  • Role of TBRIDGE: Technical coordination in the elaboration of the RUMOBIL strategy and its implementation in the partner areas.


  • Ministry for Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt (DE) (Lead Partner)
  • Mazowieckie Voivodeship (PL)
  • HŽ Passenger Transport Limited Liability Company (HR)
  • Vysočina Region (CZ)
  • JIKORD s.r.o. (CZ)
  • The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (CZ)
  • T Bridge S.p.A (IT)
  • Agency for mobility and local public transport Modena S.p.A. (IT)
  • University of Žilina (SK)
  • Žilina self–governing region (SK)
  • Self-government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County (HU)
  • Municipality of Nagykálló (HU)


The Project has started on 01.06.2016 and will end on 31.05.2019.

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ELVITEN, the H2020 project for electric mobility. TBRIDGE protagonist

The ELVITEN project (Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks) recognizes the future of urban mobility in the deployment of electric vehicles (EL-V): financed by Horizon 2020, the European program for Research and Innovation, aims to demonstrate how lightweight electric vehicles (EL-V) can be successfully integrated into urban areas, increasing its attractiveness for users who will experience its benefits. Six European cities are involved in the showcase phase (Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Rome, Trikala), each of them with a characteristic EL-V fleet and with their own specific infrastructure, mobility problems, and policies. TBridge, a BV TECH Group company, is a partner of the project, together with 21 other participants from various European countries.

Launched in 2017, ELVITEN deals with the critical issues and barriers that still prevent the full adoption of electric vehicles for the urban movements of travelers, occasional or commuters, and delivery companies. The project tests new solutions that can increase the use of electric vehicles, both owned and shared.

  • to demonstrate the advantages of using electric vehicles in the six European pilot cities;
  •  to integrate existing charging stations into a wide and open ICT platform for users;
  • to encourage the use of lightweight electric vehicles for occasional and  systematic urban travel through easy ICT tools;
  •  to collect users’ travel data in order to provide guidelines and make them available to planning authorities in other European cities.

TBridge is committed to the project with an important role. It acts as coordinator and responsible for the development of activities to equip the experimentations of a platform that allows the communication, the solutions and the access to users in an integrated logic. The users in the six pilot cities will be able to use ELVITEN services through the ICT platform.

Through applications for mobile and fixed devices users will be able to access: booking of recharging stations, electricity rooming management, reservation of sharing services, use of specifically project electric vehicles.

During the project, TBridge will develop an APP capable to manage users’ virtuous behavior, register services and organize a user-reward system through an “Incentive System”, specifically designed for the project. This system will be widened in order to integrate other services in a positive-reward logic for Smart Cities citizens.

Additionally, TBridge will contribute to the definition of the methodology and to the implementation of the pilot experimentation in the city of Genoa.

The project involves a cost-benefit analysis of the necessary interventions  for the full adoption of the tested solutions, with the aims of suggesting sustainable business models for the sharing, renting, parking, and recharging of EL-Vs, and the diffusion of the supporting ICT systems.

Detailed information on ELVITEN is available on the official website https://www.elviten-project.eu/en/.

  • Name of the project: Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks
  • Start date: 1 November 2017
  • Project Duration: 36 months
  • Total cost: EUR 9.5 million
  • EU contribution: EUR 7.8 million
  • Partners: 21
  • Project Coordinator: Angelos Amditis (ICCS)

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alt="I progettti per la ricerca e sviluppo di BV TECH"

BV TECH focus on Research. The Projects

The Research & Development sector is considered a fundamental competitive factor by BV TECH. The Group collaborates for this activity with prestigious universities and research centers: it is a member of the Consorzio Milano Ricerche (http://www.milanoricerche.it/members/), is a founding member of the Polo di Innovazione per le Tecnologie della Salute (http://www.biotecnomed.it/profilo/) and a member of the Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (IC) 3 (https://ic3-2017.mit.edu/about-us/members) at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

BV TECH invests more than 5% of its revenues every year in industrial research, experimental development and in the purchase of innovative technologies. It also participates in regional, national and community programs for the study and development of innovative technological platforms in the areas of eHealth, Security, Smart Cities and Government, Transport and Logistics.

Among the numerous and important projects in progress,  we mention the most recently launched ones :

ELVITEN (Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks): launched in 2017 by TBridge for the study of the barriers that still exist to the adoption of electric vehicles (EL-Vs) in urban area movements and the test of solutions that can incentivize their use;

ADIUVANT (ADvanced Ict cloUd based and Virtualized plAtform for INTegrated and personalized medicine): it was launched this year by BV TECH for the design and testing of a technological service platform for the management of chronic diseases with specific reference to strong social impact pathologies identified in cardiovascular, neurological and respiratory diseases;

MATE (Multifunction Assistant for liTtle kids and the Elderly): started by Progesi for the implementation of a remotely controlled multipurpose wristband system thought to assist and to help vulnerable people (child, elderly or sick people) to face their everyday life tasks;

NET4HEALTH (NETwork FOR HEALTH management): launched in 2017 by TBridge for the creation of an IT support platform for patients affected by chronic conditions typical of the elderly (heart failure) and of cancer patients. The project aims to speed up and increase the effectiveness of the therapeutic treatments performed during the dehospitalization phase, acting with digital technologies on the optimization of workflows and on the harmonization of activities involving the health and social welfare structures scattered throughout the territory.

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alt="il convegno con il Presidente del gruppo BV TECH, Raffaele Boccardo, sulla cybersecurity presso l'associazione Ca' Foscari Alumni"

Cyber Security: Last Call. The video of the conference

The video of “Cyber Security: Last Call” convention is available and accessible on our page. The conference was held on January 25th in Mestre and was organized by BV-TECH in collaboration with the Ca’ Foscari Alumni Association. It is possible to listen to all the speakers’ talks, including Ca ‘Foscari University Principal, Michele Bugliesi, and the BV-TECH President and CEO, Raffaele Boccardo, promoter of the event.

The theme is highly topical: the Principal, Bugliesi, spoke of the necessary partnership between universities and companies on data security;  the Eng. Boccardo highlighted the complex relationship between “such a fantastically open digital domain” and its vulnerability to the risks it entails for each of us, for the economic system and for national security. This meeting marks an important stage for knowledge and awareness at all levels on the topic of Cyber Security.


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alt="ITASEC18 BV TECH partner della conferenza"


BV TECH is a partner of the Italian Conference on Cyber Security, ITASEC18, which is currently taking place at the Polytechnic University of Milan. The event promotes the collaboration between researchers and professionals of the academic, industrial and institutional world in the increasingly strategic and crucial field of Cybersecurity. This event follows the conference “Cyber Security: Last Call” held last January 25th in Mestre, and wanted by BV TECH in partnership with Ca’ Foscari Alumni, which had among its speakers the Group’s President, Raffaele Boccardo, together with the Dean of Ca ‘Foscari University, Michele Bugliesi, the professors Stefano Zanero (Polytechnic University of Milan), and Riccardo Focardi (Ca’ Foscari University), and last but not least the lawyer Stefano Mele (expert in the field of ICT Law, Privacy, Security and Intelligence). BV TECH is now co-sponsor of this important international initiative. Stefano Zanero and Riccardo Focardi are, once again, among the keynote speakers. In the area of the Cyber Security BV TECH is one of the founding members of the Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Sloan School of Management. BV TECH continues its commitment to promoting the development of a widespread culture of Cyber Security and the production of Made in Italy technology, supporting advanced theoretical and experimental training (learn by doing), as well as fostering an open and equal dialogue between institutional representatives, the private sector, and academia.

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