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Intelligence: solutions and services

Intelligence solutions are offered by Infotronic Technologies, a BV TECH group Company founded in 2001 as a provider to the legal authorities and police forces of Solutions and Services in the Intelligence area. Project activities are mainly oriented in monitoring, tracking, intrusion, audio and video control and recording.

Specifically, Infotronic Technologies provides:

  • surveillance systems and audio / video digital recording;
  • facial recognition systems, selective digital video recording;
  • image archiving / image comparison;
  • localization systems and vehicles tracking;
  • wiretap systems;
  • computer monitoring systems;
  • opening and closing locks services;
  • intrusion services, installation, technical equipment concealment;
  • training and assistance to operators on technologies utilization.

Product line includes also:

  • HQ, IP, Self-powered systems eavesdropping, with encrypted wireless transmission of recorded data;
  • Charging system for GPS locator lithium-polymer battery (up 500 cycles of use);
  • Miniaturization of GPS tracking devices;
  • Installing wifi – iperlan networks for remote data access.