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ICT Infrastructures

BV TECH ICT Infrastructure services portfolio includes a wide range of skills for implementation and operational management of integrated solutions within the of IT and TLC infrastructure areas.

Key objectives are to allow the Customer, Company or Public Administration to:

  • keep costs under control, ensuring the availability of IT systems and their continuous adherence to the overall technological and Regulatory mandates;
  • improve their ability to support the business strategy and medium- to long-term operation, improving the timing and agility of new projects implementation and increasing the effectiveness of their investments in innovation.

Create new value through technology and digital Practice: to reach this target, BV TECH relies on its knowledge and experience to bring benefits to the customer’s business, proposing new outsourcing models and the most innovative technologies and architectures.

ICT Infrastructure services portfolio includes:

  • Requirement definition, technical specifications design, networks and systems infrastructure tenders management;
  • Analysis of innovative offerings and models;
  • ICT cost optimization (with particular reference to Cloud models);
  • ICT Governance advisoring;
  • Audit of technical assistance structures and related delivery and assurance processes;
  • Benchmarking of products / services;
  • Definition, design and supervision of migration plans and technological evolution;
  • Assessments and Performance Analysis within the area of Networks, Systems or Middleware (Web, Application Server, Database, Directory Services (Active Directory, LDAP), mail systems);
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery;
  • Virtualization and consolidation of infrastructure;
  • Application Virtualization;
  • Services infrastructure migration to new technological environment (e.g. virtualization), operational environments (e.g. outsourcer change), or enabling infrastructure (Data Center, Data Network);
  • Outsourcing / Co-sourcing of ICT systems (Networks, Security, Storage Systems, Operating Systems, Middleware);
  • In-house Service monitoring, conducted in H24 / 365;
  • Product specialists.