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Business line Engineering is mainly oriented to Management Consulting activities and involves all strategic relevant aspects for a Company, from finance to competitive positioning, to management and directional control systems, to process and human resource organization.

Based on technology experience that BV TECH group has, Management Consulting is usually oriented to support Customers on ICT strategy development, on innovation technology introduction, on ICT choices to achieve corporate objectives.

Main activities of the Business line Engineering are as following:

  • Feasibility study on ICT infrastructure investments and on ICT systems;
  • Business planning, Customers products and ICT services positioning;
  • Design and implementation of infrastructure and application architectures;
  • Design and implementation of customized software solutions; platform/product market specific customizations;
  • Investment and break-even evaluation;
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management;
  • ICT Advisoring;
  • Offer Engineering;
  • Requirements definition, technical specifications and management notices drawing;
  • Specialist consultancy with dedicated focus on network and infrastructure;
  • Program e Project Management on complex projects;
  • Specialized technical activities on specific technologies
  • System Integration on Large System;
  • Analysis and software implementation;
  • Training.

The activities carried-out by Business line Engineering are supported by all Companies within BV TECH group.