The ELVITEN project (Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks) recognizes the future of urban mobility in the deployment of electric vehicles (EL-V): financed by Horizon 2020, the European program for Research and Innovation, aims to demonstrate how lightweight electric vehicles (EL-V) can be successfully integrated into urban areas, increasing its attractiveness for users who will experience its benefits. Six European cities are involved in the showcase phase (Bari, Berlin, Genoa, Malaga, Rome, Trikala), each of them with a characteristic EL-V fleet and with their own specific infrastructure, mobility problems, and policies. TBridge, a BV TECH Group company, is a partner of the project, together with 21 other participants from various European countries.

Launched in 2017, ELVITEN deals with the critical issues and barriers that still prevent the full adoption of electric vehicles for the urban movements of travelers, occasional or commuters, and delivery companies. The project tests new solutions that can increase the use of electric vehicles, both owned and shared.

  • to demonstrate the advantages of using electric vehicles in the six European pilot cities;
  •  to integrate existing charging stations into a wide and open ICT platform for users;
  • to encourage the use of lightweight electric vehicles for occasional and  systematic urban travel through easy ICT tools;
  •  to collect users’ travel data in order to provide guidelines and make them available to planning authorities in other European cities.

TBridge is committed to the project with an important role. It acts as coordinator and responsible for the development of activities to equip the experimentations of a platform that allows the communication, the solutions and the access to users in an integrated logic. The users in the six pilot cities will be able to use ELVITEN services through the ICT platform.

Through applications for mobile and fixed devices users will be able to access: booking of recharging stations, electricity rooming management, reservation of sharing services, use of specifically project electric vehicles.

During the project, TBridge will develop an APP capable to manage users’ virtuous behavior, register services and organize a user-reward system through an “Incentive System”, specifically designed for the project. This system will be widened in order to integrate other services in a positive-reward logic for Smart Cities citizens.

Additionally, TBridge will contribute to the definition of the methodology and to the implementation of the pilot experimentation in the city of Genoa.

The project involves a cost-benefit analysis of the necessary interventions  for the full adoption of the tested solutions, with the aims of suggesting sustainable business models for the sharing, renting, parking, and recharging of EL-Vs, and the diffusion of the supporting ICT systems.

Detailed information on ELVITEN is available on the official website

  • Name of the project: Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks
  • Start date: 1 November 2017
  • Project Duration: 36 months
  • Total cost: EUR 9.5 million
  • EU contribution: EUR 7.8 million
  • Partners: 21
  • Project Coordinator: Angelos Amditis (ICCS)