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Defense and Space

Defense and Space markets, although considered by many a niche with respect to the larger ICT market scale, is very highly specialized and technologically advanced, with reserved access to a limited number of actors with proven and reliable characteristics, professionalism and confidentiality.

BV TECH group, with its company Progesi, since years is a specific part of this market, to the direct service of Amministrazione della Difesa or to support the major national sector players.

Specialized areas covered by BV TECH are as following:

  • Air defense systems
  • Naval defense systems
  • Ground surveillance systems
  • Planning systems for airborne missions
  • “Defense Communication & Interoperability” systems
  • “Soldier modernization” systems
  • “Border Control” systems
  • Radar and sensors systems
  • Integrated Logistic Support
  • Satellite mission management systems.

A further area of intervention is the logistical support during the entire lifecycle of these complex systems, from supply to disposal, in particularly articulated contexts such as Air Navigation Services, Defense and Space. The logistics support department integrates all those skills and activities typically named ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) and it is designed to ensure that systems of any type and complexity can be effectively and continuously supported.

In addition to the military sector, also the civil sector is a significant part of the BV TECH intervention areas: specifically, BV TECH addresses the markets of the Air & Ports Traffic Control and the complex civil infrastructure management, for which BV TECH is a global supplier of sensors, systems, products and solutions that can meet the growing demand for technology. The solutions offered include:

  • Airport systems
  • Air Traffic Control systems
  • Port Systems
  • Bank Security systems
  • Security systems for critical infrastructures
  • Info mobility systems
  • SMART City

The group includes among its customers the most important industries of the Telecommunications, ATC and SCADA, within the coordination of air travel and airport traffic areas.

Finally, to complete the offering portfolio on large systems, BV TECH provides application software and systems dedicated to automation:
  • postal sorting centers mechanization management;
  • integrated ticketing for transportation;
  • metropolitan automation;
  • post offices computerization.