The Italian national team of ethical hackers, “mHACKeroni”, placed fifth in the world (and first among the European teams) during the cyber defense competition (Def Con CTF). For the seventh consecutive year, the team from University of Pittsburgh has won the challenge. Second place went to Taiwan National Team, third to China and fourth to South Korea.

After three days of cyber challenge played by sixteen qualified groups among the most talented “hackers” of each continent, the 27th edition of Def Con ended on 11 August in Las Vegas.

Def Con CTF is the world’s most prestigious and famous hacking competition, and it has been mentioned in movies and TV series like X-Files, The Signal and Mr. Robot.

The Italian national team of ethical hackers confirmed its international excellence, gaining two positions compared to last year’s world ranking. mHACKeroni is the result of 5 CTF Italian teams and is composed of 40 members, who are among the best students and researchers in the field of cybersecurity from the main Italian universities (especially from La SapienzaPolytechnic University of Milan, and Ca’ Foscari of Venice); also “hackers” from Cyberdefender, the team created by the National Cybersecurity Lab of CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics), are part of this “mega-team”.

It is a source of pride and honour for BV Tech to be sponsor and partner of mHACKeroni. We are also very happy for the contribution to the training of young cyber-specialists in PoliMI by Prof. Zanero, founder of Secure Network.

(Photo source: Facebook)