The video of “Cyber Security: Last Call” convention is available and accessible on our page. The conference was held on January 25th in Mestre and was organized by BV-TECH in collaboration with the Ca’ Foscari Alumni Association. It is possible to listen to all the speakers’ talks, including Ca ‘Foscari University Principal, Michele Bugliesi, and the BV-TECH President and CEO, Raffaele Boccardo, promoter of the event.

The theme is highly topical: the Principal, Bugliesi, spoke of the necessary partnership between universities and companies on data security;  the Eng. Boccardo highlighted the complex relationship between “such a fantastically open digital domain” and its vulnerability to the risks it entails for each of us, for the economic system and for national security. This meeting marks an important stage for knowledge and awareness at all levels on the topic of Cyber Security.