BV TECH is partner of Cyber ​​4.0 Competence Center (CC) in Rome, one of eight national highly specialized Centers of Expertise set up under the National Industry 4.0 Plan following a Public-Private Partnership model.

An orientation and training Center for the implementation of new processes, products and services (or their improvement) adopting cybersecurity advanced technologies of Industry 4.0 national Plan.

The CC has two levels: a central Cyber ​​Security Core area (coordinated by Sapienza-Luiss) and three vertical pillars on specific strategic cybersecurity market domains: Space (coordinated by La Sapienza University), eHealth (coordinated by Tor Vergata University), and Automotive (coordinated by Roma Tre University).

Each of these domains will provide services for business, training, technological innovation and research projects within the Industry 4.0 Plan in the field of cybersecurity.

The Cyber 4.0 CC includes 10 organizations from the public sector and 37 private corporations and institutions, including big tech companies, SMEs and Foundations, so to guarantee all required skills for activity planning, training, innovation and research.

The project is led by La Sapienza University, with the support of Tor Vergata University, Rome 3 University, LUISS, University of Tuscia, University of Cassino, University of L’Aquila, CNR, INAIL, ISS, and 37 partner companies, including BV TECH, Leonardo, Poste Italiane, Sogei, Thales, Telespazio, Selta and Cy4gate

Raffaele Boccardo is a member of the Management Council of the Cyber ​​4.0 Association. The Council is responsible for managing the 4.0 Cyber CC being directly in charge of the following major activities:

  1. a) promoting, presenting and carry out research projects;
  2. b) carry out and support training, orientation, information, analysis and research activities;
  3. c) fund-raising activities;
  4. d) providing new collaborations and agreements;
  5. e) establishing agreements with the European Community and other international bodies, departments, organizations and private companies;
  6. f) directly or indirectly supporting design, implementation and development of projects and initiatives of general interest;
  7. g) collecting and sharing information and technical proposals for the potential users;
  8. h) training users, also through the design and implementation of products, services and higher training programs;
  9. i) promoting and improving, nationally and internationally, the image of the members;
  10. j) establishing actions for creating new material capabilities, for the acquisition/rent of movable and immovable property, equipment and materials;
  11. k) being the owner and/or licensee of trademarks, certifications and industrial property rights;
  12. l) carrying out any other instrumental activity, accessory or connected with the purposes of the whole initiative;
  13. m) supporting policymaking activities at national level and collaborating with the national authorities in the Cybersecurity sector.

The total cost for the creation and management of the CC, which has a duration of 36 months, is 15 million EUR: 9 ml EUR for the operational activities, dissemination, management and training activities in the framework of the CC and 6 ml EUR for the implementation of 15 R&D projects. Additional funds and provisions come from Cyber 4.0 CC Partners so to ensure a quick start up of CC.