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Neologic, smart ICT solutions

Neologic is a dynamic reality based on the skills of a professional group with over twenty years’ experience in the ICT market for Public Administration and SMB. In September 2017, the company joined the BV TECH Group, enhancing its skills and portfolio.

Neologic has a profound knowledge of framework application, in particular concerning criminal law. In this area, Spotlight software stands out for the effective management of the case file procedure. An innovative product, in line with all the requirements imposed on professionals by the new GDPR, it was designed to facilitate and quicken the management of criminal trials, both during the investigation and the pleading stage.

The technological skills of the technical staff assist the support of companies and government bodies in their digitalization process, through the creation or customization of versatile solutions, easy to use and easily integrated with the information systems used by the customer.


The use of powerful trademarked as well as standard market software engines, together with the most innovative best practices for document management, allow the creation of Ad Hoc solutions for the client.


The software development division is one of the most cutting edge labs, which develops techniques such as Document Management, Image Processing, Search & Retrieval, Data Structuring & Clustering.


This process makes us of system management and software maintenance in full outsourcing through a particularly advanced approach. The experience and the use of consolidated methodologies and tools allow us to offer holistic application & system management services.

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