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Business intelligence

BV TECH group provides the Customers with its expertise in data analysis technologies to enable the full exploitation of the cognitive information assets, and to make it usable in management strategic decisions..

BV TECH consultancy is highly skilled in system usages, languages, tools, and software solutions aimed at understanding, management, resolution of all issues related to the business intelligence, data integration, intelligence storage and analytical intelligence in projects of Data Warehousing, Big Data and Data Mining in every industry or services.

Here are some specific areas of expertise within this domain of intervention:

  • Data analysis process;
  • Data Integration, ETL process, Data Warehouse implementation;
  • Executive Dashboard and Web Reports design;
  • Decision making process;
  • Multi-dimensional reporting and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP);
  • Data mining and Text Mining;
  • Information delivery portal;
  • Data Quality;
  • High Performance Computing, In-memory processing and Visual Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis and mathematical models;
  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics;
  • Formal Training and Training on the job.