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Business Intelligence and Statistical Analysis

BV TECH Group is a technology partner that helps leading international companies use Analytical & Business Intelligence to achieve competitive advantage and operational excellence. It is a strategic partner, in BI solutions, of significant companies offering its services across all industries.


BV TECH Group is high-skilled in project implementations in following areas: Data Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Marketing Automation, Risk Assessment, Cost Management, High Performance Computing, Big Data, Visual Analytics, Executive Dashboards. It also provides decision system support implementation for Customer’s specific needs, and additionally application outsourcing, training and statistical data analysis.

BV TECH Group has consolidated along the years its original skills in solution implementation with SAS System, the software distributed by SAS Institute. This know-how has been enriched with the most popular Analytical & Business Intelligence tools as Oracle (ODI, OBEE, Hyperion), Microsoft (Analysis Services, Azure SQL & cloud), SAP (Business Objects, ANA), IBM (SPS), Qlikview, Tableau.

BV TECH Group has a very qualified team with up-to-date professional certifications. It also cooperates with universities to expand its knowledge with new technologies, investing in scientific research.

BV TECH Group activities are spread in six different business areas:

  • Business application: BA area is focused primarily on the development of business solutions based on SAS technologies and Java/Jsp WEB providing consulting and developing services that integrate different technological products. The methodological approach provides a marked attention to training resources, a flexible customer service and a accurate Project Management during the development of implementation projects. Systems integration and delivery of advance technology solutions is a strong point of the team and is a guarantee for the implementation of any application requirement;
  • Data integration: DI area is focused primarily on the implementation of Data Integration processes, Data Federation, ETL/ELT, Data Quality, as in the development of Business SAS-based technology. The methodological approach includes a strong focus training resources as part of the ETL process, a service to the customer and a formal project management with particular care in the study of the data domain and integration processes. The attention and care in data integration is the point of greatest strength of the team to ensure the success of assigned projects;
  • Advanced Analytics: AN area collects the best skills in Statistical and Data Mining service solutions for Credit Risk, Basel 2, Solvency, or Marketing Automation. It also covers skills in forecasting, segmentation, simulation, estimation of probabilities and market indicators. Primarily focused on the development of solutions based on SAS Business Analytics technologies , it leans other statistical and data mining tools, providing consulting and development services that integrate different technology products. The methodological approach involves the selection of statistical people and resources training in Data Mining and Risk Management. Particular attention to the needs of the customer allows accomplishing the objectives of achieving the most appropriate methodological choices;
  • Data intelligence System & Services: DISS area provides consulting services and offers development application aimed automation of processes to support strategic business decisions. The responsibilities of the Team cover all aspects of the analysis, design and implementation of systems, and their maintenance. The area ranges from methodology consultancy to technical architecture, from “Definition of functional requirements” to “Construction, Supply and Optimization relational database and decision-making”. It offers consulting specific services to the administration and customization of proprietary solutions, in particular the SAS industry solutions. The team is also engaged Data Analysis & Reporting in the pharmaceutical industry with solutions and services realized using SAS and Microsoft technologies. With Microsoft certified staff it administers the information systems by providing advice to other business areas. The methodology that involves close collaboration with the client during needs discovery, planning and implementation of solutions is a strength and a guarantee of the satisfaction of specific needs of each client;
  • Business Intelligence Solutions & Consulting: BISC area carries out analysis and application development for the implementation of Decision Support Systems and open and flexible Business Intelligence solutions. The Team offers consulting services specific for the customization of proprietary BI solutions, particularly SAS vertical solutions. The skills in this area cover, in addition, all aspects of the analysis and implementation of Multidimensional Data Analysis Systems, Business Performance Management and Web Exploitation. The flexibility of consultancy and custom solutions are the strength and a and a guarantee satisfaction of the most demanding users;
  • Analytical Intelligence System & Services: AISS area offers consulting, application outsourcing and data analysis, particularly in the area of Travel Cost Management , where it has been providing solutions and worldwide services to strategic international customers since 1999. The skills cover all aspects of analysis and implementation of software solutions, focusing on the provision of remote services and data analysis. Systems integration and delivery of advanced technological solutions is a strong point of the team and is a guarantee for the implementation of any application requirement.