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Audit & compliance

The IT Audit is the systematic, periodical and documented verification process, conducted by experienced personnel, on the information systems of a company or organization, to verify their compliance with the provisions of rules, regulations or internal policies.

The analysis and verification of the controls are very important since their correct and efficient management gives reasonable assurance that the controls in the process are properly applied.

The Compliance management support of the BV TECH ICT area is divided into 5 main sectors of intervention (Design, Project Knowledge, Learning, Monitoring, Tools), that are connected each other but at the same time independent. It is in fact possible to apply individually to one or more of these solutions, to meet specific requirements, or use them jointly, to obtain a structured and integrated management service.

BV TECH is able to offer a team of professionals from Management Consulting leading international companies of with expertise in consulting on:
  • Fraud Management;
  • Information security ISO27001;
  • IT Audit;
  • Continuity plans ISO22301;
  • Process audits;
  • Sourcing Strategy;
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX);
  • TUF – Law 262 of 2005, December 28 (Provisions for the protection of savings);
  • Lgs. 231/01 (Adoption of the organizational, management and control models);
  • Lgs. 196/03 Privacy e DPS);
  • Preda code (Code of conduct);
  • ISVAP 577/2005 (compliance of insurance companies in terms of risk).
  • Company process quality ISO9001;
  • Safety in the workplaces D.Lgs. 81/08.