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Application management

Design, implementation, integration and maintenance of information systems is one of the main strengths of the BV TECH group, supported by decades of experience in ICT products and applications development.

Application Management has inside two different concepts:

  • Application Development: design and implementation of ICT solutions used to support in a structured, efficient and optimized way a business need;
  • Application Maintenance: operational management of the service and maintenance of the implemented applications.

BV TECH skills in the software engineering field, used to support the business needs of Customers, determined the key success factor of this area of expertise, which has been finalized in on optimized offer to Customers for all SW lifecycle stages:

  • Requirements management;
  • Planning and design of ICT architectures;
  • Support for the evaluation and selection of the best market solutions;
  • Project Management;
  • Analysis and design of IT products and services;
  • Analysis, implementation and delivery of complex systems;
  • Analysis and implementation of software solutions;
  • Products and solutions testing;
  • Delivery;
  • Version control;
  • Opeartional management of “High Availability” applications;
  • Issue management;
  • Change management;
  • Application maintenance of complex systems;
  • Training.