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Value Proposition

About us

BV TECH S.p.A. is the holding company of a solid market Group operating in the Management Consulting and Information & Communication Technology areas, able to join abilities and competencies to offer business strategic solutions for Companies growth and lasting value.

BV TECH experience is based on a strong background and partnership cooperation with Customers, with the aim to bring technology innovation, business process control, large systems implementation, program & project management, maintenance of ICT and Telecommunication infrastructures.

BV TECH has obtained the Elite Certifcate from Borsa Italiana

Alan Turing

108 years ago Alan Turing was born, the genius who won the first cyber war. BV TECH celebrates him by announcing the imminent start of the inspiring talks surrounding the most advanced technologies. Think Tech.  And stay tuned. Continue to…

Cyber Security

Cyber Security BV TECH develops entirely national technologies in the ICT sector, with the ambition to contribute decisively to the innovation and growth of the country. For these reasons, we collaborate with important national realities in the public and private…