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Experience, technology and transparency: solutions and technologies for secure telephony.

PrivateWave Italia S.p.A. produces and sells technology solutions for mobile-and-fixed secure communication to support high competitiveness environments.

Founded as a technology startup in 2005 through a collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan and the University of Italian Switzerland, PrivateWave stood out in its market sector to conjugate secure communication and high usability.

  • PrivateWave Enterprise smartphone application: available on the main Application Stores, the application is able to secure phone calls on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry 7 and 10 devices;
  • PrivateServer: it allows you to integrate mobile communication security by extending the Company functionalities of systems like Cisco Call Manager and Avaya Aura Communication Manager.



PrivateWave gained a good reputation on international markets due to its considerable experience and its unique technological approach, which aims to transparency and scientific cooperation with the international standardization entities.

PrivateWave has also released all the source code of its encryption technologies on  www.zrtp.org with the aim to submit them to a public review, considerable element to the validation of the home made security technologies.