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The Companies of the Group

BV TECH Group is a strong, innovative and entirely Italian association of companies, born in 1995 on the initiative of the Managing Director, Ing. Raffaele Boccardo.Since the beginning, BV TECH Group has focused its activities in innovation and technology, with the aim of the growth and the construction of lasting value.

With a progression of strategic actions, BV TECH now includes companies operating in most sectors – engineering, computer services, telecommunications – and operates with a staff consisting of highly skilled technical personnel graduate, assisting Customers in the innovation process as well as in the design, implementation and management of highly advanced technological systems.

BV TECH holding has the headquarter in Milan and main office locations in Roma and Genova.

BV TECH group is widely spread in Italy and it is composed by the following companies:

  • BV TECH RICERCA S.r.l. Technological research and design, implementation and maintenance of ICT infrastructure and security.
  • M&P RISK AGENCY S.r.l. Protection of people, information and infrastructure; multidisciplinary management of risks; consulting, services, technologies.
  • NEOLOGIC S.r.l. Software development, electronic documents and information management, public administration and businesses application management.
  • PRIVATEWAVE S.p.A. Security services for the privacy and telecommunications.
  • PROGESI S.p.A. Systems and services, within the space and defense, at the international level.
  • SDI S.r.l. Services and assistance in the field of engineering and telecommunications.
  • TBRIDGE S.p.A. Consulting, management consulting, management training and ICT implementation.