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BV TECH Academy

BV TECH wants to best meet the demands of leading national and international companies thanks to the proven experience of its specialists in managing complex projects and to the continuous professional development allowed by the BV TECH Academy, the organization that provides professional training on technical and managerial issues. In particular, in collaboration with Universities, the Academy organizes specialization courses and 1st and 2nd level Masters, aimed at recent graduates willing to invest in their education; the curriculum combines  training on the job and the University’s academic expertise, which encouraging the integration of learning and working life. In collaboration with the MIP – Management School of the “Politecnico di Milano”, BV TECH carries out a Master in Business Administration with specialization in Project Management. The Master provides the basic training in business management, specific knowledge about methodologies more widely adopted in the projects management and skills to achieve the highest accredited international certifications (IPMA – Level D; PMI – CAPM certificate; PRINCE2 – Foundation certification).

Moreover, in collaboration with Cefriel – Centre of Excellence of the “Politecnico di Milano” on education and innovation research, BV TECH organizes a ‘Securit Management’ Master, with the aim of addressing the issues of Security in terms of protection of tangible and intangible assets of businesses; the curriculum provides the trainees the knowledge and the skills of the ‘Security Managers’, to carry out their tough functions in the complex world of the Corporates with the proper analytical knowledge .

Keen believer in the research on issues of national interest, BV TECH cooperates with the “Scuola Superiore S. Anna”,  funding Ph.D. positions on research projects in the field of Cyber Warfare and National Security.